At Box-Board Products, Inc., we are committed to the protection of our environment and will continue to invest in equipment and implement practices that will honor this commitment, support the protection of our environment, and allow us to do our part to aid in the reduction of global warming.

Our Initiatives

  • Strategic Energy Management: We have upgraded all of our lighting to energy efficient florescent lighting and have replaced our existing furnaces with high efficient direct fired gas furnaces.  These new furnaces not only reduce gas consumption, but improve the indoor air environment by providing 100% outside air into the space. These two projects are the equivalents of:  8,909 trees being planted, 63 cars taken off of the road, and reduced carbon emissions that equal 383 tons.
  • Recycling: We recycle 100% of our office paper waste and 100% of the polyester strapping used in our facility.
  • Equipment:  BBP has invested in new, modern equipment that has improved efficiencies in our energy usage and costs.
  • Waste: Sending 100% of our corrugated waste to a recycle paper mill as opposed to land fills.
  • Transportation: Our vehicles are all serviced regularly, and our truck tires are checked on a weekly basis to ensure proper inflation.
  • Pallets: A pallet conservation program has been implemented which includes repairing and reusing all wooden pallets reducing the amount of new pallets purchased to replace damaged and/or broken pallets.  Our research and development team has also worked to produce pallets manufactured out of 100% recyclable corrugated board and paper products.
  • Our Customers: We have worked with some of our customers to implement special recycling programs to support our recycling efforts.

Our Products

  • Corrugated Board: Depending upon vendor source and application, the corrugated board used in our facility includes approximately 35-100% recycled content, with the majority being post-consumer waste.
  • Reduction: Our research and development team is constantly working to reduce our customers packaging to various substrates, thus reducing the amount of fiber used.
  • Inks: We are using water-based flexographic inks.
  • Alternatives: We are currently working with various suppliers that offer alternative sources for recyclable coatings to replace the use of paraffin wax as a water resistant barrier in packaging.

Our Vendors

Box-Board Products, Inc. is committed to operating in an environmentally conscious/sustainable manner and expects this level of commitment from our corrugated suppliers and business partners.

Our vendors have received environmental certifications with the following organizations:

Packaging that meets the needs of our customers, processes that meet the needs of our environment.